Euclid Beach Park

Euclid Beach Park was built in 1895 on the shore of Lake Erie on Cleveland’s East Side. It was originally patterned after New York’s Coney Island and in 1901 Dudley S. Humphrey, Jr. led six members of his family in undertaking management of the park.

There were many attractions that made Euclid Beach Park popular such as the Dance Hall, Euclid Beach carousel, the wooden roller coasters including the Thriller, The Flying Turns and other rides.

Euclid Beach ride
Euclid Beach ride

And, of course, Laffing Sal.

Laughing Sal at Euclid Beach
Laffing Sal at Euclid Beach

As the lady in this short video says “Laffing Sal used to scare the hell out of me.”

There was also great park food like the Humphrey popcorn balls and Candy Kisses.

Humphrey candy at Euclid Beach Park
Humphrey Candy Kisses at Euclid Beach
Tickets from Euclid Beach Park
Tickets from Euclid Beach Park

Euclid Beach Park closed for good on September 28, 1969. The Arch main entrance still remains and the Carousel is at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

I was very young when the Park closed but I remember going with my Mom and her friend and daughter to Euclid Beach Park in 1968 for a speech by then Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey who was running for President. I recall the protestors with signs and chants saying “Dump the Hump.”

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Enjoy these other images of Euclid Beach from Euclid Beach Now, a local organization dedicated to preserving the memory of Euclid Beach.

Poster from Euclid Beach Park showing 5 cent popcorn balls
Euclid Beach poster – how about a 5 cent popcorn ball?
Laughing Sal poster at Euclid Beach Park
Laughing Sal poster from Euclid Beach
Boy riding carousel at Euclid Beach Park in 1955
Cleveland Automobile Club’s (AAA) 50th Annual Orphans’ Day Picnic Outing on July 7, 1955 at Euclid Beach 
Euclid Beach Park carousel horse
Euclid Beach Carousel horse – Scotty.
The Carousel was a Philadelphia Toboggan
Company Carousel # 19
Euclid Beach Park poster showing 6 cent tickets
Euclid Beach Park – 6 cents tickets!
Rocket Ship ride at Euclid Beach Park
Rocket Ships
Rocket Ship ride at Euclid Beach Park
Euclid Beach Park – Rocket Ships Ride
Sign saying Euclid Beach Park - Open for the 1969 Season
Euclid Beach Park – Open for the 1969 Season

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Euclid Beach Park Pier

On Wednesday May 22, 2019 the Cleveland Metroparks had a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of the Euclid Beach Pier. The new pier is 315-feet long and 16 to 24 feet wide, extending 150 feet over Lake Erie. The newest park amenity was designed to improve accessibility and offers guests clear views of the downtown skyline and historic Euclid Beach shoreline. The pier features three custom archways that pay homage to the historic park and former Euclid Beach Amusement Park.

Euclid Beach pier in Cleveland Ohio
New Euclid Beach Pier

See more photos and a video tour of the new Euclid Beach Pier