Dunham Tavern

The Dunham Tavern is the oldest building in Cleveland, Ohio. Rufus and Jane Pratt Dunham built their first home on the site in 1824, and the existing taproom was built in 1842. It is believed to be the first building constructed on Euclid Avenue east of East 55th Street.  It later became a stagecoach stop and tavern.

Dunham Tavern Marker

 Dunham Tavern Cleveland activist and landscape architect, A. Donald Gray purchased the home in 1932, restoring the 19th century architecture and replanting the orchard. Gray later established a non-profit organization tasked with maintaining the property. The home was re-opened as the Dunham Tavern Museum in 1941.

The Dunham Tavern was named a Cleveland Landmark in 1973 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 25, 1974.

In stark contrast to the cityscape that surrounds it, the museum and its gardens offer a glimpse of history and insight into the lifestyles of early Ohio settlers and travelers.

Dunham Tavern horse

6709 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44103