Firsts – Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic Firsts include:

• Isolation of serotonin, a key factor in hypertension (1940s)

• First coronary angiography (1958)

• Development and refinement of coronary bypass surgery (1967)

• First minimally invasive aortic heart valve surgery (1996)

• First successful larynx transplant (1998)

• Pioneering success in deep brain stimulation for psychiatric disorders (2006)

• First kidney surgery performed through a patient’s navel (2007)

• Nation’s first near-total face transplant (2008)

• Nation’s first transcatheter valve replacement and repair (2011)

• Discovery that adult brain neurons can regenerate (2011)

• Demonstration that bariatric surgery controls diabetes (2012)

• Discovery that an intestinal bacteria product (TMAO) can predict heart disease risk (2013)

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